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Peacefulness, self-control, austerity, purity, tolerance, honesty, knowledge, wisdom and religiousness — these are the natural qualities by which the brāhmaṇas work. (BG 18.42) Those who do not have these nine qualities can not be called as Brahmins; in fact those who get Brahmin diksha should have these qualities otherwise the whole diksha process turns out to be total waste of time.

According to 17th chapter, the conditioned souls who do not perform austerities of mind, body and speech can not be called as humans. They are animals. Krishna describes the qualities of “Demons and the Divines” in the chapter 16 and clears the fact that those with demoniac qualities do not perform any of the three austerities in 17th chapter.

Animal Kingdom

The conditioned souls under Rajo and Tamo Guna become entitle to enter in hellish planets. Those who have unnecessary pride, arrogance, anger, ignorance and harshness are thrown into material pool. As Krishna says in Geeta, these people take the shelter of insatiable lust and are always busy in gratifying their senses. In 7th canto of Shrimat Bhagwatam Prahlad maharaj praises lord Narsinh and says” I am worried about those idiots who are running after sense gratification, name, fame and money”. These people are expert in insulting and hurting devotees of the lord. Not only they are jealous about good people but also they plan to cause some problem to the devotees of the lord. They want people to bow down to them, give them respect and their only job is to say “I did this, I am good at this, and how I am better than others” which causes complete degradation of the soul.

Devotees of Krishna

Lord Narsinh after killing the demon Hiranyakashyap had to tell lord Bramha that don’t give blessing to the people who are not worthy of it. People who worship demi-gods do not change. Their demoniac qualities remain attached to them. The demon Vrukasur worshipped Lord Shiva but after pleasing him he wanted to take away Parvati devi from Lord Shiva and he also tried killing Lord Shiva as well. Banasur pleased Lord Shiva but he made Lord Shiva fight against Krishna. After loosing to Krishna in a battle, Lord Shiva declared that “Those who do not worship Radha and Krishna actually drink poison”.

Gandhari who worshipped Lord Shiva cursed Krishna when she lost her hundred sons and gave Duryodhan all her power during the battle of Kurukshetra, whereas Kunti Maharani who worshipped Krishna said” hey Krishna “Vipadaha santu taha” let me have more and more problems in life so that you will be with us. As Krishna helped Pandava’s during all the difficulties. Arjuna pleased Lord Shiva to win “Pashupatastra” which he needed during the battle but he worshipped Lord Shiva to actually help Krishna attain his aim of punishing the “adharmis”. This is how we are supposed to worship Lord Shiva so that it will help us to serve the supreme god head Krishna.

Krishna the purifier

Krishna is not the god who will give his devotees material pleasures even if they want them. When four types of devotees like depressed, desirer of wealth, the inquisitive and curious start worshipping Krishna sincerely, they end up becoming saint. Krishna gradually removes demoniac qualities of his devotee, purifies him and make him such a wonderful soul that he is even worshipped by demi-gods.

Dhruva, who was the son of King Uttanpad went to jungle to please Lord Krishna in order to get kingdom of his father but when he pleased Lord Krishna he said “I was such a fool to ask for material pleasures from you”. Krishna removes the thirst for material gains and make his devotees desire less and selfless.

Rishi Valmiki, who was a killer in his early life was turned into sage and adi kavi by simply meeting a pure devotee Narada. Dev Rishi Narada told him to chant “Ram Ram” and thus he changed the heart of a robber. There is quite big list of villains who were turned into heroes by simply chanting Krishna name. These killers after purification do not even kill an ant.

According to Prahlad Maharaj those who start worshipping Krishna gets rid of “Pashubudhirvibhidyate”- an animal mentality of you bite me and I will bite you. It will be an achievement for the man kind not to behave like an animal. In the age of Kaliyuga where it is very easy to be a devotee of Maya, where it is very easy to be a servant of lust greed and anger, Krishna is the only solution.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare

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