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A family of Peruvian devotees living in Lima has suffered a terrible loss. Subhadra Martinez-Vargas Espada, 26, was killed Sunday, July 15 in a house on Calle Cangallo in Barrios Altos. She was beaten to death, allegedly by Roger García Rivas, 39, a man with whom she had lived for the last two years. According to charges against him, he had beaten Subhadra prabhu with sticks, then kicked and punched her repeatedly, until she died from internal bleeding caused by the many blows to her body.

Subhadra dasi was the daughter of Srila Prabhupada disciple Abhimanyu Suta das and his wife Sudhamrita Devi dasi, who is a disciple of H.H. Jayapataka Swami.

Prior to the day of the killing, Subhadra's parents had charged that García Rivas had forcibly kidnapped Subhadra prabhu and held her in a house in Lurigancho-Chosica. They had gone to the police at the time of the kidnapping to try to have her returned to their home, but had been unsuccessful.

The parents had also several times complained to police at the San Andrés station over incidents of domestic abuse committed against their daughter, but according to the mother, Sudhamrita Devi (Susana Espada), the police had "done nothing" to help free Subhadra from her alleged abuser.

Subhadra's family is devastated and in need of prayers, compassion and the mercy of the Vaishnavas. The family have struggled with financial problems for many years, and Subhadra's untimely death has aggravated their pain and struggle.

We are requesting devotees' prayers on Subhadra's behalf and for her family. We are also requesting donations to be sent to the family to alleviate their financial pressure. Please contact me for information about how to send donations to them through Western Union:

Update Note: In the original posting of this article, Chakra editors had incorrectly reported that Subhadra prabhu's alleged killer had once been a devotee. We now know this not to have have been true, and formally retract that erroneous statement. Chakra regrets the error, and offer our deepest sympathies to Subhadra's parents and to the Lima devotees so deeply affected by this tragedy.

Ananda Mittal prabhu further comments: I have been trying to get friends to help this family. I have set up a Facebook page Demandemos justicia para Subhadra Martinez with this purpose, but not much has happened in the community. I am also setting up a petition to ask the authorities to sentence her killer, if convicted, to life imprisonment, the maximum punishment possible in Peru, but I still have to get some data from the family. I live in the United States, and phone communication with this family has been very slow, so progress been hindered due to lack of communication

A YouTube news video (in Spanish) has been posted about the arrest of her alleged killer: América Noticias - 16.07.12 - Hombre mató a su conviviente.

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