Chakra Announcements

All devotees are invited to attend our first Vaishnava retreat here in the mystic hills of Sedona. The four day festival (August 23 - 26, Thurs. thru Sun.) will include lots of kirtan, Krishna and Prabhupada katha, fresh air and hiking the Red Rock trails, daily swimming in the natural and clear Oak Creek, off road tours, Hari Nam, and lots of delicious prasadam.

Sedona is a tourist destination for approximately 4 million people a year, arriving here from all over the world. More than half of them say they are coming here in hopes to have a spiritual experience (according to a Northern Arizona University poll). A visit to this majestic land of vortexes reveals what sparks such a tale. Also, with only 16,000 people living here in the area, it is an ideal place for meditation and devotional contemplation, abounding in nature’s beauty and red rock formations resembling ancient temples of India.

We have noticed that many devotee retreats held are quite expensive. This one will be free, with the exception that $25 per day will be charged per person for prasadam. You just have to get here (nearest international airport is Phoenix), and with the exception of some limited room we have at our Vedic Center, others will have to either camp out in back of our facilities, or get a more comfortable arrangement at a nearby hotel or resort. We advise you to make your reservations as early as possible.

Although we are trying to line up some senior devotees for classes, kirtans, etc., the real v.i.p.s will be all of you. Whenever vaishnavas assemble, the transcendental magic happens. Devotees are so rare, and we are looking forward to your association. We have a very large project planned here in Sedona for the benefit of the planet’s spiritual seekers, to the tune of $200 million. We invite you to view our plans at our new and improved website (, and perhaps even get involved.

To see the festival poster, and for more details click on the following link: Click Here.

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