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The Red Rock Rishis, a kirtan band who focus on singing the Maha Mantra accompanied with Indian mystical and New Age music, have recently released their second album entitled The Beginning Is Near. Although all of the songs of this new album are embodying the Hare Krishna mantra, according to the mood and theme of the musical composition, the titles and melodies of the songs vary greatly in both title and style. From Starship Mantra to Crying for Vraja, Stream of Nectar to the Cowboy Chant, the listener receives both a meditative, uplifting spiritual experience and a wonderful musical journey.

One song, Sri Ram's March Into Lanka, beautifully sung by two lady vocalists, is a portrayal of Mother Sita sitting under the ashoka tree, and praying for her beloved Ram to come save her from the demon Ravana. This song is a three piece composition. In the finale part, where enters the Hare Krishna mantra, one can just imagine Lord Ramachandra and the monkeys crossing the stone bridge over the ocean to come to Sita's rescue.

The following are some of the reviews that the Rishis' new album has received:

"I must say that your CDs are ecstatic! A perfect way of filling the mind with transcendental sound. The tunes just stick in my head and keep me enveloped in a protective bubble of Krishna smaranam all day." - Kurma das (The Cook)

"I feel that the melodies are very energetic. When the mind feels down, if you listen to this CD, you recover. Everyone likes this CD. Whenever our patrons hear the Red Rock Rishis, many of them approach me and ask where to purchase this new CD. It is also very good eating music" - Rupa Sri Radhika d.d., MVT Restaurant Manager, Vrindavan India

"The Beginning Is Near is meditative and full of grace; peaceful and transformative" - Steven Rosen (Satyaraj Das), author "The Yoga Of Kirtan"

"I listen to The Beginning Is Near in the office and at home - just what I have been hankering for - the constant transcendental sounds of the Holy Names in different varieties of flavorful tunes. Thank you Red Rock Rishis! - Gaudachandra Dasa, BBT, USA

"The Hare Krishna chant has rarely had so many variations of musical settings! Beautiful sounds abound, as well as pulsing rhythms. Creative synths, percussion, traditional Indian instruments and outstanding vocals give this CD a feeling of true bliss and wonder" - Pete Fine, sitarist / composer / recording artist / lead guitarist:”Whole Lot Of Zep”

“I have been listening to your CD. Very good bhav!” - Shyamdas, writer, kirtan singer, recording artist, lives in Vraj

"In a time of busy lives, such heartfelt chanting creates a sound current of devotion that calms the mind, and nourishes the spirit. Listen to it in the car, at home, while doing yoga, and the mantra Hare Krishna will carry you through the day." - Sraddhasagar, yoga teacher, owner 7Centers Yoga Arts

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