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Passing of Nanda Dasi

by Nirguna dasi

Posted September 25, 2012

After over 20 years of residence in the dham and twelve years of rarely leaving her room or bed at the MVT, Nanda devi dasi passed on yesterday.

After a very long haul, it was the gentlest passing. She was responsive till the last few seconds of her last few breaths, aware and able to acknowledge whatever was being done for her — or whatever we were all graciously allowed to do, and by which we had yet more glimpses of the reality of devotional life and the verity of the Truth told by our Mahajans.

She was cremated today on sacred Braj earth on the banks of Yamunaji. The elements of her body went onwards to their various sources, carried by the flaming orange fire, under a vast, brilliant, noonday sky and an ether resounding with Harinaam. These last memories will endure and inspire us ever onwards.

She often shared passages that inspired her, like this one: "O ocean of mercy, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu! Let there be an awakening of Your auspicious mercy, which easily drives away all kinds of material lamentation by making everything pure and blissful. Indeed, Your mercy awakens transcendental bliss and covers all material pleasures. By Your auspicious mercy, quarrels and disagreements arising among different scriptures are vanquished. Your auspicious mercy pours forth transcendental mellows and thus causes the heart to jubilate. Your mercy, which is full of joy, always stimulates devotional service and glorifies conjugal love of God. May transcendental bliss be awakened within my heart by Your causeless mercy." (Caitanya-Caritamrta, Madhya-lila 10.119)

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