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Iscowp's Balabhadra Has Medical Emergency

by Chayadevi (Irene M. Dove), ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

Posted March 22, 2011

We received an e-mail from Balabhadra Friday that he could not feel his hands and arms. We found out he had no mobility of his legs either. He was in the Ukraine countryside and it has been difficult getting information.

Due to the help of Sivarama Swami, Niranjana Swami and Gaura Sakti, leader of New Vraja Dham farm and Hungary, we were able to make contact with Balabhadra and he was eventually able to receive proper medical attention. We now know that it is not a stroke, or heart attack but something with his back. After his MRI in Kiev on March 21 we hope to know more. I am going to Kiev to bring him back on Thursday (March 24), and then we will see what can be done.

I will not be responding to e-mail till the end of the week. Lakshmi, our daughter, will be checking the e-mail, and if there is something of great importance she will respond. She is a single mom with a 20-month-old boy, so she will do what she can. She will also be checking the answering machine.

Maitreya will be continuing with his care of the cows and land. Caitanya Bhagavat will be giving personal care to the cows and helping in various ways, so the cows are in good hands.

At the end of the week, I should be able to send an update. Thank you all for your concern, and please pray for him — both for his spiritual and physical health.

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