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3 Rathayatras in 3 Days

by Parasuram das, FFA Kingscross, UK

Posted July 4, 2011

Soft textile elephant cart provided a touch of whimsy at Borehamwood.

Borehamwood Carnival, 18 June 2011. The Hare Krishnas won the first prize again in this Hertfordshire carnival, and as everyone knows, it's not the participation that counts. For devotees from around the world reading this article and thinking, "We couldn't do this; we don't have big temples," please take note that there are no temple ashram devotees at the carnival.

Besides traditional mrdangas and kartals, Borehamwood devotees accompanied kirtan with accordion and ukulele.

Very seldom do we have temple ashram devotees coming to these events or on our Saturday night Hari Namas. If you can get the congregation together, you have a powerful army.

About 10 percent of Crawley's population are of Indian ethnicity; many participated with enthusiasm.

Crawley Rathayatra, 19 June 2011. This East Sussex Rathayatra is a perfect example of a Nama Hatta group "walking the talk." Everything is organised by the local devotees — the permission, the prasad and the stage program, the logistics, stewards, the media and advertising.

Crawley's festival included soap bubbles for the Deities, as well as costumed Star Wars fans.

We cook the prasad and bring the cart and Deities. All glories to the Crawley devotees; they will surely get Srila Prabhupada's mercy.

For the eve of Summer Solstice, devotees brought appropriate rain- and cold-weather gear.

Stonehenge Midnight Rathayatra, 20 June 2011. It doesn’t get any better than the Summer Solstice festival at this World Heritage Site north of Salisbury. We were the only group invited to this festival by the English Heritage Foundation. As we entered the site, the police stopped us. To my surprise, they directed the van away from the general traffic and right up to the best location.

Exuberant crowds at Stonehenge gladly gained the mercy of Jagannath, Subhadra and Balarama.

Then, with 20,000 people in the dark, a real problem for security, they opened all the barriers, and Lord Jagannath rode right up to the ancient standing stones.

Stonehenge (Poem by Mahamantra)

Hare Krishna mixed with Pagans
Pagans mixed with druids
Legal highs and class A's mixed
With alcoholic fluids

Drumming circles mixed with chanting
All types of spiritual seekers
Heard Hare Krishna Hare Rama
Come wafting through our speakers

As reds and golden yellow mixed
With pink in dawning sky
Philosophers and hedonists
Unite in asking why

Everyone saw Jagannath
His cart was brightly lit
Someone said I’m seeing things
I think it’s time to quit

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