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Bucolic Gita-Nagari Stages Successful Rathayatra

by Ortrun Gates

Posted August 16, 2011

The 2011 Rathayatra was marked by enthusiastic kirtans.

Hare Krishna! From the weather to the parade to the entertainment to the food to the vendors — in short, everything was perfect for this year's Country Ratha Yatra. We welcomed not only devotees but also folks from the surrounding area, many of whom had never been at the Gita-Nagari Farm in Port Royal, Pennsylvania before.

While it was hot, it was not humid, and a breeze blew all afternoon to cool off everyone. We welcomed three new vendors from the neighborhood in the spirit of sharing. Uncle John, a local Mennonite, came with his wife; they offered fresh vegetables and various handmade bags and aprons. Veronica, also a young local Mennonite woman, offered soy-based candles for sale, and Sam, a local Amish farmer, had information about growing organic vegetables. He was so popular, in fact, that a number of guests who were staying over for the weekend made a date to come and tour his farm during their visit. Our other vendors appeared to be satisfied not only with the weather but also with the amount of custom they had.

Gita-Nagari cattle enjoy the fresh grass in three pastures through which they periodically rotate.

While the parade started a bit late, the crowd was super-enthusiastic and the singing and chanting could be heard from afar. Altogether it appeared that young and old had a great time. We saw faces from many years ago, some of whom had not visited Gita-Nagari for some time.

Isvaripati das commented that he had never seen the cows look quite a good as they did. We put that down to the pasture management plan that is in place now. The cows have three pastures for grazing, and they change places frequently so that the grass has a chance to grow back and that each pasture is not overgrazed.

We have many more pictures of the event or of our Adopt-a-Cow program at Facebook.

Lead gardener Madhurya-Sakti dasi and Mayapaura-Lila dasi harvesting green beans.

If you have missed this year's festivities, please make plans to come next year; you will experience a country festival at its finest — always the last Saturday in July. Mark your calendars.

By the way, just as an aside: did you know that Gita-Nagari now has wireless connection to the Internet? No more waiting for the dial-up to load (or not to load). When you plan your next visit to Gita-Nagari. remember to bring your laptop and stay in touch with your friends!

Deities of Balarama, Subhadra and Jagannatha, along with a murti of Srila Prabhupada, rode the flower-adorned cart to the festival site.

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