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A Lord Caitanya Miracle

by Parasuram das

Posted April 10, 2011

For many years we would have wonderful processions for Gaura Purnima and Narasimhadev appearance day through the centre of London. but then the police informed us that they were not insured to police the events. We would have to get a professional security company to steward the event - the costs were going into thousands and thousands of pounds.

This year I phoned the head of police again - just in case, to try my luck. Again he spoke of 6 months of planing and huge fees. But some how Lord Caitanya sitting in his heart gave him a push and he told me to go ahead as there was a loophole in the law - which he explained to me. That was it - lets have Rathayatra with Lord Caitanya and Jaganath down the busiest street in London on a Saturday afternoon.

Srila Prabhupad murti from Radha Krishna Temple in Soho left his Vyasasana and came out on a palanquin.

We had two kirtan parties - The one behind the cart was for the traditional style kirtan of Mrdanga kartels, accordion. The one in front consisted of a very powerful sound system - which is essential when having a big party. Drums, base, accordion, etc. Using these instruments may be a little controversial but its how I do big events. The main thing is the vocals are clear - one speaker facing forward and one behind. The beat must be solid and distinct. We usually play Tribhuvanath's beat. On a drum kit this is a samba beat. Base is also used as a percussion sound, very much like a mrdanga. All drummers walk close together, to stay in beat. We never use electric guitars. Ukulele is a happy sound. Of course this is only my opinion. The lead singers on the harinam include Adikartha prabhu, Parivedha prabhu, and Radha Londonisvara prabhu.

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