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I travel and preach across ex-Yugoslavian countries. On my missionary travels I meet several devotees (both male and female) who want to live in a temple. For various reasons, these devotees do not fit into any of regional temples. Please do not think that there is something wrong about the devotees under discussion. On contrary - they are very enthusiastic, loyal to Srila Prabhupada, diligent, mentally sane, etc. I'd rather say that there is something 'wrong' with the temples. For example, the situation is in particular difficult for female devotees who wish to join a temple, as there are only two temples (Zagreb and Ljubljana) that offer ashrama for ladies. But, for some reasons (a long story) – neither temple is suitable for female devotees I know. For example, one of them is a single parent with a three years old son. She is eager to dedicate her energy and time for Srila Prabhupada's mission, but none of the regional temples has facilities for a young mother with a child. In addition, all of eight devotees I am talking about, have inadequate financial situation to afford traveling far from their homes. Thus, we have the situation that there are some sincere devotees ready for full missionary activities (unused man/women power). Yet, on the other side we (in ISKCON) have many temples craving for some 'fresh blood' – sincere, dedicated devotees. If you happen to be an authority of such a temple, that can offer devotee training, service, living facilities, basic needs and traveling costs for a devotee (or devotees) from Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia – please write to Chakra, if you have ideas, so we could work out something. Note: none of the mentioned devotees is initiated.

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