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Govinda's Buffet Looking for a Cook

by Sandamini dasi

Posted March 25, 2011

Our dedicated cooks of 9 years are going to visit Mayapur for two months at the end of May with their two children. We are in need of an experienced cook to come to Tucson for approximately 10 weeks and cover their service. It can be a single person, a couple or family with a small child. Can use two people or only one energetic person for the service. Govinda's is going into its 19th year in Tucson and has the reputation of being one of the best Govinda's in the world.

Criteria includes, good sadhanna, being friendly and having a preaching spirit. Has to have knowledge and experience of international cuisine, including Indian, Italian and healthy cooking. Also references where devotees had served previously. Only devotees residing in US or Canada are practical candidates.

We have a three room apartment on the temple grounds, laundry, play ground for the kids, delicious meals in restaurant, swimming pool, use of car/computer and salary depending on the experience and duties performed, to be discussed on an individual basis. We have 18 temple devotees with full morning program, blissful Sunday feasts, college preaching, weekly hari nam and family atmosphere. Its a bit hot in the summer months but all buildings are cooled.

Please write with inquiries to and visit our web site at

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