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Feed the World Day in Tucson

by Sandamani dasi

Posted October 19, 2011

The weather was cooling down, a faint fall aroma in the air. It was time for our 10th annual Feed the World Festival on Monday, October 4th. Filling the courtyard were health booths, holistic medicines, massage and an assortment of alternative practitioners. All set to the tune of continuous kirtan and prasad distribution.

Why the collaboration? All were united with the aim of bringing awareness to world hunger and the many subtle reasons behind it. Foremost is to adopt a plant-based diet and refocus on our spiritual nature. To bring about these two goals, Govinda’s of Tucson who is entering its 19th year of serving delicious prasadam to the community, puts on this yearly event.

“It’s the simple program Srila Prabhupada gave us,” said Bhakta Geno, the event coordinator, ”but with a new twist to attract a wider range of people and connect them with a global theme. Krishna consciousness has the ancient wisdom and formula for a genuine change in the world, and this was an ideal venue to showcase that.” Several TV stations covered the well-advertised event and about 350 people came to honor the occasion, held from 4 to 8 pm.

The Tucson temple puts on many such events throughout the year to attract westerners and to keep Krishna in the forefront of the community. We are now in the process of expanding and are in need of enthusiastic devotees to assist in the preaching and support work of this growing and dynamic community nestled in the beautiful Sonoran desert foothills. For more information or for a resident application for ladies, single men or couples, please contact the temple president at clear=all>

Captions under photos -
1) The temple courd yard with all the booths and participants
2) Bhakta Geno and Fox News
3) There was a line out the door for prasadam all evening

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