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Mayapur Chandras

by Radha Kanta Das

Posted November 27, 2011

With much delight I am happy to inform you of our new Mayapur kirtan group called "Mayapur Chandra's". The group, headed by Naru Gopal Prabhu, has 6 other main members all expertly trained in kirtan and other devotional fields either in the Mayapur Gurukula, the MA, or MI.

While our main focus will be holding grand kirtan programs (done in traditional Mayapur style), Mayapur Chandra's is really about bringing the Mayapur experience to centers and temples around the world. By sharing the talents of local Mayapur devotees (especially our second generation youth) with devotees worldwide, we hope to spread the traditional Gaudiya Vaisnava culture.

Therefore along with kirtan festivals, when Mayapur Chandra's visit a specific center, they will also be able to provide courses/ seminars, and perform samskaras/ homas should the center request them.

Here is a List of Courses/ Seminars Mayapur Chandra's can provide: Seminars on:

1. Life of the Acaryas
2. Gaura-lila
3. Krsna-lila

Courses for:
1. Cooking Mayapur Raj Bhog
2. Basic Home Deity Worship
3. Mridanga and Harmonium for beginners

What we require is that a center provide travel, accommodation, and prasadam expenses for 6 devotees. Mayapur Chandra's "Mayapur Experience" program would traditionally be held for 3 days. Every evening there would be a class or seminar on one of the topics a-c, followed by an ecstatic kirtan. In the earlier part of the day the other 3 courses would be going on at different times, so that devotees could participate in either one or all three of the subjects.

If a center would want to ask devotees for donations to participate in any of the 3 courses it would be up to the local organizer (as materials would be needed in respect to the number of participants), but the kirtan and lectures/ seminars would definitely both be free to the community devotees.

If you so desire, we could also just do kirtan for different areas of the region. We hope to do some service for the devotees world wide.

Devotees who are interested can gain further details by writing to

To contact by phone you could call Bhaktivinod das at +91 9434 951 901 or Radha Kanta Das at +91 9002 432 310

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