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News From Food for All Kings Cross

by Parasuram das

Posted May 13, 2011

HH Mahavishnu Swami and his team "The Salty Dogs" again embark on another adventure on the Jaladuta, this time starting 50km south of Yamunatri and ending up in Vrindavan.

At Yamuna Nagar and Delhi we had press conferences - giving us dozens of newspaper articles and television coverage. Again in Vrindavan we were covered by 3 newspapers and one TV channel.

At one stage the Jaladuta got smashed up and the devotees got stranded on a rock. We managed to tie a rope from a rock to the island and back to the rock, so the devotees could tight-rope across. One slip and your a goner. Mahavishnu Swami at 67 years of age managed it, a green beret would have shaken in his boots.

After Mangal arti we would read from HH Mukunda Goswamis new book, 'miracle on second avenue' - absolute nectar.

Please see the movie at: Click Here

Your servant,

Parasuram das

The following is a list of festivals for the summer months here in England, everyone is welcome.

If anybody wishing to take part in the Vrajmandala padayatra we have two places available. Be warned, it is quite austere.


Mon 16: LordNrsimhadev, Harinam Procession, London (contact Parasuram Pr)
Sun 29 – Mon 30: Birmingham24 hour Kirtan, London (contact Mayapur M Pr)
Mon 30: LutonCarnival, London (contact Parasuram Pr)


Sun 12: London Ratha Yatra (contactTitiksu Pr)
Sat 18: BorehamwoodCarnival, (contact Parasuram Pr)
Wed 20: Stonehenge Summer Solstice, (contactParasuram Pr)
Wed 22 – Sun26 Glastonbury MusicFestival (contact Giridhari Pr)


Sat 2: Plymouth Ratha Yatra (contact Mineketana Rama Pr)
Sun 3: Glastonbury Ratha Yatra (contact Mineketana Rama Pr)
Wed 6 – Mon18 : Scandanavia Rathayatra tour (contact Parasuram Pr)
Sun 24: Birmingham Ratha Yatra, (HKF) (contact Nitai Charan Pr)
Sun 31: LeicesterRatha Yatra (contactPradyumna Pr)


Sat 6: Manchester Ratha Yatra / (contactTribangananda Pr)
Sun 7: Edinburgh Ratha Yatra / Carnival (contact Parasuram Pr)
Mon 8: LeedsRatha Yatra / (contactParasuram Pr)
Sat 13: WembleyRatha Yatra (contactParasuram Pr)
Sun 14: Southall Ratha Yatra (contactParasarum Pr)
Sun 21 Mon 22: Janmasthmi, (HKF) Festival at Manor. (contact Giridhari Pr)
Sat 27 Mon 29: Croome Court (HK Fest) Worcestershire(contact Giridhari Pr)
Mon 29: NottingHill Carnival, London, (contact Sachin)


Sat 10: BrightonRatha Yatra (Contact Dharani Dhar Pr)


Sat 15: Sat NightHarinam for Tribhuvanatha Pr, London, (contact Giridhari) Sun 16: Disap day ofTribhuvanatha Pr (contact Giridhari Pr)

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