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My wife Sudha 61, and I (Kirit T Goradia 63), presently residing at Mumbai, would like to settle in Vrindavan for next 10 years till our health permits and carry on Krishna seva while earning our livelihood. Sudha is a housewife and has run the house for last 40 years since we married. Our son Uday 35 yrs is in the US with his family, Sweta 33 and son Ravi 6 and Uma 4, working in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Sudha is a staunch follower and devotee of Lord Krishna and looking forward to opportunities to serve poor, small girls, serve cows and looking forward to learn spiritual adhyatmic lessons from learned people.

We look forward to working with ashram staying there and serving devotees to best of our abilities. We are bania kapol caste gujarati and staunch vege

We can meet you at Vrindavan in July as we plan to be in Vrindavan for one to two weeks. If you want us to meet you at small ashram we can do so.

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