Chakra Announcements

One Large Room Available for Free to a Swami or Devotee Couple in India

by Vrindavan dasa

Posted April 12, 2010

I am willing to offer the third bedroom in this apartment for FREE to a swami, married couple, or elderly devotee lady. There will be no rent charged to you. I only ask that you chant japa and sing daily, plus observe fast on Ekadasi day and stay awake during Ekadasi evening. You must be healthy, vegetarian (no fish or eggs), no smoking, and no alcohol. This apartment is within walking distance of the Bhaktivedanta Institute in Kolkata, and very nearby to the Kolkata airport, so I hope that someone can make use of it.

The Gaura Nitai deities in this apartment were installed by the head pujari at ISKCON Mayapur, Jananivasa dasa, and the pujari here is a second initiated ISKCON Brahman devotee from a Vaisnava family in India. The living room is air conditioned, and all rooms have mosquito netting. The bedroom has a wooden Queen size bed, clothes hangers, shelves, and private bathroom.

The free room stay must be for no more than 9 months, as I will be moving to New Delhi. I reserve the right to ask tenants to leave without notice, if there is any problem.

Please contact Vrindavan dasa at .