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We purchased our Deities in 1999 in Vrndavan. They are very beautiful and our Radha Krishna deities are unique. Due to family relocation we are looking for a nice home for them. We have Radha Krishna & Gaura Nitai Deities.

Deities: Radha Krishna

Height: 15/16 inches

Paraphernalia: Four outfits, (dhoti, chuddar, skirt, dupatta (veil) and tops), jewellery, sandal powder and flute. Also comes with small Prabhupada murti and small atotika tray.

Price: AU$ 340 (postage in Australia included)

Deities: Gaura Nitai

Height: 7 inches plus (2 inch white base)

Paraphernalia: 4 outfits (dhoti, chuddar and tops) Box of assorted Jewellery, turbans, and Sandal powder. Also comes with Baby Krishna deity and 6 outfits.

Price: AU$ 180 (postage in Australia included)

‘KRSNA ART’ book

Condition: used

Hardcover book with dust jacket. Book in excellent condition. Dust jacket has some light creases on edges.

Hardcover: 292 pages

Publisher: Ganga (1990)

Language: English

ISBN-0: 096280830X

ISBN-0: 962-808318

Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 13.6 x 1.6 inches

Shipping Weight: 11 pounds

Price: AU$ 160.00 (includes postage in Australia)

Please phone Yogini on 0451635330 or Email

Payment can be arranged by money order, cash or PayPal.

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