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Bhakti Tirtha Swami’s Words of Wisdom

by Jayananda dasa

Posted May 12, 2011

Here are two wonderful ways of receiving the wisdom of Bhakti Tirtha Swami:

1. B.T. Swami's books now available in e-book format.

Instant gratification for the soul!

The vast majority of Hari-Nama Press books written by His Holiness Bhakti Tirtha Swami are now available in eBook format for online purchase and instant download from our website Just click, purchase, and download to start reading your new eBook right away!

Traditional Readers vs. Techies

While many of us haven't quite warmed up to the 21st century idea of reading books from a digital screen, having a book in digital format has many benefits relative to traditional paper books. eBooks are generally easier to navigate, better to take with you while on the go, and significantly less costly than printed books. For instance, you are able to receive all 16 available Hari-Nama Press eBooks for less than $85 (mostly $4.95 each), compared to over $240 PLUS shipping charges for the same titles in hardcopy.

These eBooks are also being introduced in a very universal format (PDF) that all computers along with virtually all eReaders and smartphones are compatible. Additionally, they all maintain the same general formatting as their hardcopy counterparts, but have the advantage of being more easily navigable by readers because they can quickly skip between chapters and sections via the electronic table of contents. If you haven't jumped on the eBook bandwagon yet, now is your chance to try them out and go deeper than ever into Bhakti Tirtha Swami's teachings. Many of you already have the printed versions of our books in your library, so now it's time to complete your collection by getting our new eBook lineup of offerings.

Supporting a Good Cause...

All the proceeds received from your eBook purchases will be offered directly as donations toward the ongoing worship and maintenance of HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami's samadhi (tomb) in Mayapur, India. Please spread the news and go to to order now!

2. Subscribe to a dose of B.T. Swami’s Words of Wisdom:

Hari-Nama Press is now able to send a daily dose of B.T. Swami’s Words of Wisdom directly to your email account! Signing up for the email subscription will ensure that you don’t miss out. Otherwise, you are able to see posts as they become available here on our website Subscribe from the link below….

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