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Food for Life Vrindavan Apartments

by Rupa-raghunath das, FFL Vrindavan

Posted May 1, 2011

Dear friends

Food for Life Vrindavan will soon start construction on a new block of offices to accommodate their operations. As part of this new development, We are pleased to offer an opportunity to friends and donors to purchase apartments within the office building. Please see the attached PDF file (1MB) that highlights the location and the layout of the apartments. (Floor names are according to British English, and the ground floor is equivalent to the American first floor.) Apartment numbers 202, 204, 206, 207, 208 and 308, 310s and 401D are already booked.

The complex will be built on land owned by FFLV and buyers will have perpetual right of use and may rent or sell that right of use anytime. The ground floor provides for parking; the first floor is allocated for FFLV offices; the second, third, and fourth floors are allocated for apartments for friends and supporters. The building is equipped with a lift, generator, reverse osmosis water supply, security, and gardening. We have few simple rules of conduct; No meat eating and no intoxication in the premises, and no loud noise or disrespectful behavior towards other tenants.

PRICING (At today's exchange rates. Rates to be reviewed at time of purchase.)
Studio apartment: 10 lakhs (US$22,600)
One bedroom flat: 15 lakhs (US$34,000)
Two bedroom flat: 25 lakhs (US$56,500)

30% at booking
50% when the main structure and concrete slabs are being laid
20% to complete electrics, plumbing, and fittings (windows, doors etc.)

Payment can be made via our charity office and affiliated organistions in your country. For a complete list of addresses go to: Click Here

As many FFLV affiliated organisations have tax deductable status, tax payers could potentially save 30% of the cost via tax deduction.

If you would like to purchase an apartment or would like more information, please can contact me anytime at or call on +91 983 730 2171. Alternatively, contact the FFLV representative in your country and specify the floor and apartment number you are intersted in.

Your servant
Rupa-raghunath das

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