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Changing Body Diorama for Sale

by Trishakti dasi

Posted March 27, 2012

A rare Changing Body diorama is now up for sale. It measures 9 feet 9 inches long, 4 feet wide and 6 feet high (2.98m X 1.22m X 1.83m), is mounted on casters and has drapes hiding the bottom of the display. It is ideal for displays at a temple or festivals or for book distribution.

Each individual diorama sports a light, signifying the soul, and the light is synchronized between each diorama, illustrating the soul's migration.

The display can be purchased either with a vehicle trailer or without. The inside dimensions of the trailer are 16 ft. long (4.88m) and 80 inches (2.03m) wide. A winch is affixed to the trailer so that the diorama can be pulled into it.

The trailer and display are located in North Carolina. Please contact me by telephone at 336.871.2244 or by e-mail at trishakti108 -at-

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