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Vintage Gita for Quick Sale

by Deron Gille

Posted March 3, 2011

I have an original Bhagavad-gita As It Is from 1968 for sale. It is the exact copy Mukunda and Janaki took with them when they went to London in ’68. It even has their signatures in it. It's in good condition.

I'm selling it for a hundred dollars, unless someone can afford more, and unless I can sell them separately, I'm going to throw in the vinyl records I previously had for sale. The records are all of Mangalananda or Michael Cassidy's records and a few other odds and ends — really cool records and priceless devotional items.

I just went through a bad breakup, so I had to move across country, and I am currently living in my truck in freezing temperatures in Minnesota. I start a new job tomorrow, and I need gas and food money and other things until I get my first paycheque. If anyone is interested, I'd really appreciate it. It's an emergency. Please contact me at devagille -at- or 718-503-1869.

Here again, is a list of the records:

1.Anthology Vol.1 Give Me Wings-Music For The New Age. Featuring Radha Krishna Temple with John Fahey

2.Take Me Back-Michael Cassidy

3.Nature's Secret-Michael Cassidy

4.Beyond Illusion-Michael Cassidy

5.Golden Avatar-A Change Of Heart-Michael Cassidy

6.Street Singer-David Lannan

7.In Transit-Atma


9.Still Life-Jiva

10.Open The Doors To Your Heart-The J.O.B. Orquestra

11.George Harrison-Living In The Material World

12.Australian Version Of Hair-The Jason Ryder Sound

13.The Perfumed Garden-Chitra Neogy

14.Yoga Meditation And Relaxation-Sachindra Kumar Majumdar-1958 Yoga Institute of New York.

15.Jimi Hendrix and Timothy Leary-You Can Be Anything This Time Around. (Some Chanting On There)

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