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Sanatana Gosvami & Lord Caitanya


Posted July 30, 2011

The upcoming full moon is Guru Purnima, the disappearance of Sanatana Gosvami, and the first day of Caturmasya for those following the vrata according to full moons.

On this auspicious occasion Sadhusanga is offering a new audiobook: Caitanya-caritamrta Madhya-lila, Chapter 20 - Lord Caitanya Instructs Sanatana Gosvami in the Science of the Absolute Truth, including all of Srila Prabhupada's purports detailing Lord Caitanya's teachings.

Consider how important Lord Caitanya values this information! He's meeting with one of his primary associates to discuss what knowledge should be imparted to the common man in Kali-yuga, and begins with these topics.

This chapter narrates Santana Gosvami's imprisonment, bribery to be released, travels to Benaras, and the beginning of discussions with Lord Caitanya. In this section Lord Caitanya teaches about svayam-rupa, tad-ekatma, and avesa which are divided into prabhava and vaibhava, the many expansions of the Lord, and the six types of incarnations: purusa-avataras, guna-avataras, lila-avataras, manvantara-avataras, yuga-avataras, and saktyavesa-avataras.

Hearing this reading is a great way to honor Santana Gosvami, and a wonderful way to begin one's Caturmasya vrata. Reading time is 4 hours. Title is available at

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