Chakra Announcements

I wanted to share something. In the course of devotional life the chanting of the Holy Names and regular sadhana practices are the chief means of advancing all the way through. Nevertheless, we may occasionally take advantage of various helpful facilities provided by Krishna such as herb teas to help restful sleep, brahmi oil to soothe disturbed life airs, or a special diet to help bodily health, etc.

One thing Sri Krishna sent my way are flower essences which I have found tremendously helpful, specifically for facilitating relationships, which are the essence of all existence.

Some devotees may find flower essences helpful for a variety of emotional/relationship challenges within devotional life. “I am the healing herb” Sri Krishna tells us in His Bhagavad-Gita.

Check out “Desert Holly” for example!

(I have no personal interest or involvement with this company, other than being extremely grateful)

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