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House for Sale at Almvik's Gard, Sweden

by Atmavan dasa

Posted January 4, 2012

A house is for sale at almviks gård, new Caitanya Candrodaya Mandir, the village and farm outside stockholm. only ISKCON devotees can buy and it is a "leasing contract" or "user right contract" meaning that you have the right to live there as long as you like. Ymay also sell the contract or pass it on to your children if you like, as long as they are up to the requirements of the community. The contract is a legal contract. One has to apply to the Almvik management for residence-ship.

Please contact atmavan dasa for more info and link to pictures at pamho, or use the "kontakt" link at the farms website:

info about the house:

It is the house nearest to the temple. it is shared with a neighbor family who has the northern half of the house. They have two children. Overall in the community there are now 30 children. The house has a wooden construction with metal roof. i renovated the house when we bought it in 2005: new bathroom, new kitchen, new wooden floor in the living room, grinded the old wooden floor in the rest of the house, put wooden panel on all the ceilings and all the walls except in the bigger sleeping room where there are wallpapers. there is a new wood stove in the living room which can produce very good extra heating for cold days. it is made from heat preserving stone and weighs 500 kg. i put extra insulation in the ceiling and extra 10 cm insulation on the outer walls with new paneling. the windows are all new with very good insulation. All electricity was redone and are up to modern standard. Ventilation was put in. A fan in the attic pulls air out from the bathroom and from over the kitchen stove. I built a wooden 60 sqm large, quite high, veranda, wich goes all the way from the front door along the long front side and pass the back door to the back side (not entirely ready though). Only the veranda would cost perhaps 100 000 SEK. From the veranda and from inside the house there is nice view of the lake Ogan which is 150m away. The temple is 100m from the house.

In the garden, which is fenced, we have three green houses, vegetable garden, fruit trees, berry bushes, and grass field for the children to play. There is also a small rose garden. A watering system is there with water pumped from the nearby lake. On the other side of the temple road we have another field for growing more vegetables, and there we also have our composts. To the south west there is a hill with a small forrest and to the back of the house is almviks fruit garden with apple, pear and plum trees. Further back in the orchard is also the main play ground for village children. On the hill i have a reservation from the management board to build a house/cabin etc. We have built a storage house, ca 10 sqm, to the side in the garden, where we store garden tools etc. It is with electricity. By the temple road we have made a stone pebbled parking place.


ca 90 sqm

wooden house

3 rooms + living room combined with kitchen: kitchen/living room ca 40 sqm with big windows toward the lake, 1st and 2nd rooms ca 8 sqm, large bedroom ca 16 sqm, entrance ca 8 sqm, bath room 8 sqm.­­­

entrance with electric floor heating

1 bathroom with floor heating (water - same system as the temple heating)

connected to central wood heating (water - same system as the temple heating)


asking price is 600 000 SEK (including everything like dishwashing machine, stove (touch), warm air owen, washing machine, tumbler dryer, green houses, tool shed, maybe even tools and car wagon etc). If you are not interested in those things then we can reduce the price.

running costs:

village fee: 1300 SEK per adult per month

central wood heating: 275 SEK per month

house tax: approx 4000 SEK per year

house insurance: ca 1800 SEK per year

road fee: approx 2500 SEK per year

land fee: 110 SEK per month

water connection fee: 110 SEK per month

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