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New Vrindaban Guest Cabins Receive a Major Upgrade

by New Vrindaban Communications

Posted April 30, 2011

New Vrindaban is spending over $60,000 to upgrade 11 guest cabins available for rent from Easter through Thanksgiving. The upgrade includes new floors throughout all cabins, as well as new sinks, showers, etc. in the bathrooms. In addition, most cabins are receiving new countertops and stoves in the kitchenette, as well as a new boiler for heating. Many cabins will also have expanded lofts for more comfortable sleeping space. Finally, the cabins are being furnished with new furniture, bedding and kitchenware.

"The cabins are the preferred accommodation for visitors," said Damodar das, New Vrindaban's vice-president for guest services. "Now, with the cabins being upgraded, they will be even more popular. Therefore, I urge anyone interested in reserving a cabin to call the guest lodge early and book in advance."

This is the first comprehensive upgrade of the cabins since they were built in the early 1980s. The cabin upgrade is the first in a series of projects aimed at community development and capital improvement.

The cabins have bed space for a minimum of five to seven people, a kitchenette with a refrigerator and microwave, and a living room. All cabins have a bedroom and bathroom downstairs, and either a loft or bedrooms upstairs.

The cabins, which are all within walking distance from the temple, are the perfect place to unwind after a long drive on the Interstate. Many cabins overlook a lake and are located in a beautiful wooded area filled with deer, birds, ducks, swans and other native wildlife. "The deer and other animals are used to seeing people. and they feel so safe that our guests can practically walk right up to them," said Damodar. "Consequently, New Vrindaban is one of the best places for nature photography."

The peacocks are one of the most colorful and entertaining forms of non-native wildlife that roams freely around the cabins. For Indian guests, the peacocks make them feel at home as much as anything else in New Vrindaban. "Last year, a guest said that he rented a cabin mainly because the peacocks," explained Damodar. "His parents were visiting from India, and the peacocks reminded them of home." Walking around the cabins and other parts of New Vrindaban, guests are excited to find peacock feathers lying on the ground, and they take the feathers home as a reminder of their visit to New Vrindaban.

To reserve a cabin, please call the New Vrindaban guest lodge at 304-843-1600, extension 111. The supply of cabins is limited, so please call in advance and make your reservation early.

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