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Land Partner Wanted

by Vandana Cronin

Posted April 20, 2012

Do you passionately yearn to live in a beautiful, quiet, bucolic place? Are you a mature but vigorous man (or exceptionally strong and skilled woman) age 42-62, who relishes outdoor life? Are you keenly interested in gardening, even exploring year-round food production à la Eliot Coleman? Would you like to protect a few oxen and be able to have a milk cow?

If you are interested in such a home-centered peaceful life, I am offering a wonderful living situation: a large old furnished farmhouse in which you'd have 95 percent privacy, plus a secluded hermitage cabin where you'd have total privacy, already fitted with a wood stove, propane cook stove, bed, desk, shelves, etc.

Do you have some income, assets, etc. to support yourself if your living costs were less than $1,500 per year, plus food and gas? Yes, you would pay only $120 per month (a flat rate that covers my expenses for farmhouse utility bills) and offer 10-12 hours of general maintenance per month, such as weed control for pastures in the summer, washing storm windows in the fall, and giving hay to oxen in the winter. Some chores we'd do together, some could be divided. The mental and physical challenges could easily be handled by two people, you and me, for I am offering a partnership, not a job.

The physical setting is a 140-acre (55 ha) farm of mixed pastures and woods, bottomlands and uplands. Would you be happy to be part of the 'solution' in terms of land management/climate change, engaged in a program that seeks to create a luxuriant vegetative mantle and avoid compaction, bare soil and erosion? The farm is situated in the middle of a five-mile-long creek valley in which almost all the properties are 300 to 400 acres (120 to 160 ha), located 50 miles (80 km) east of Fayetteville, Arkansas and 15 miles (24 km) from the trailheads of the Buffalo River: great hiking, riding and canoeing.

Clearly this wouldn't work if you need to see a lot of people every day or if you are an extreme loner who needs total autonomy. This would only really work if we were friends and respected devotees, sharing spiritual attunement and relishing the chance to share reflections on spiritual and cultural life. Is your sadhana strong enough to live far from a temple, with occasional pilgrimages? The success of our arrangement depends on your motivation, that you seriously want a permanent home with a low-cost, high-quality reality and that gives you total release from economic pressures. My motivation is to be respectful, responsible, and realistic with you.

The farmhouse is old, mellow and lovely but a bit fragile. It needs respect and tender, loving care. A couple living there is counterproductive because of the high impact on the plumbing system. A two-storey farmhouse, the ground floor stays nice and cool in the summer, with big old trees surrounding three of its sides. There is a phone line and high-speed internet. Please, no tobacco, pets or wi-fi.

Because I have no phone or computer in my personal dwelling, we need to make initial contact through postal mail. If interested, please provide a statement describing your goals, needs, interests, skills and rural experience to:

Vandana Cronin
13952 Madison 3605
Kingston, AR 72742, U.S.A.

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