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Yoga and Krishna Consciousness Join Forces

by Jayadhvaja das

Posted May 5, 2011

Yoga and Krishna consciousness join forces, since last few months I have talks back and forth to bring together a summer camp for Kids. The Devananda Yoga studio and Krishna devotees has join forces to work together to remove the darkness and distributed this great knowledge of India

By the grace of Lord Krishna this summer, Miami would hold a Yoga Kids Camp, the camp would be accompany by Krishna Conscious classes, sports, Yoga, Hand Craft, Gardening and much more.

Parents can leave their kids during works hours and pick them up on the end of the working day. This would run like the Summer Camp but with Krishna Consciousness activities. The teachers would be from two different backgrounds , one is Yogini devi dasi, senior disciple of Srila Prabhupada from Argentina. She has work in the USA Guru Kula’s for 20 years. Yogini Devi dasi has a lot of experience with kids, particularly on how to introduce Krishna Consciousness to them.

Savitri Devi dasi (Daniela) is a prominent Yoga teacher on Hatta Yoga and Pranayama; she is being a strict follower of Yoga for the last past 15 years. This is the first time that two groups work together. We try to united two different institutions with one goal to promote the deep knowledge of India, especially between the young generations.

More than 10 kids already have sign up; the location would be in Coconut Grove area near the Hare Krishna temple. Periodically the kids would be visiting the temple and a park next to the temple, outside activities would be perform in the Coconut Grove Park which is by the ocean.

For more information please contact Jayadhvaja Das at 305-244-7634 or email

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