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Gauranga Camp in Serbia

by Madhva Muni das

Posted June 17, 2011

Our sweet and sacred Gauranga camp will again gather all those who seek after something. In the linden grove temporarily inhabited by wonderful seekers, one may find what is long forgotten, what is recently dreamt of, or what was not at all planed. There will be many temptations and the strong ones will be tested severely. Those who seek the sweet taste of the Absolute, could easily be tricked by the sweet taste that come from our forest kitchen, for example. Fresh air, scented meadows, and linden shades can also bring another kind of sweetness that is only indirectly connected to His Divine form.

Seekers of satvic and joyful vacation, or of the company of dear ones, and of excitement of new friendships, they are not spared as well. Unannounced and unpredicted another taste may come to them. Never seen before, that taste can easily overshadowed all those small innocent plans for happy sinless camping. It may change the course of those of weak faith will. So be careful not to lose what you are seeking and be open for the precious discoveries that will find you there.

In the sweet company of our great masters we will sing, dance, hear, speak, offer obeisances, serve the hungry devotees, loose the track of time and place and daily watch the Fruska Goranga TV.

HH Sacinandana Maharaja will be there all 9 days and by the sweet power of his seminar(5pm-7pm) one may become completely Sacinandana-like. HH Bir Krishna Maharaja will also be all the time and by his seminars one may change perspective, overcome lower nature and enjoy in Krishna consciousness. HH Kadamba Kanana Maharaja will appear and disappear lightly and sweetly in the moment of our greatest need for his brilliant contribution.

HH Prahladananda Maharaja will join us for 4 days and by His classes we will be challenged, lovingly defeated and spiritually awakened.

HH Bhaktivaibhava Maharaja is willing to come and we hope that no other forces will keep Him from us.

Twelve hour kirtan is definitely coming again. It will deepen the sweet mark in our hearts and minds, this time even more! Jaganath Baladev and Subadra are thrilled to be lovingly pulled and glorified on the mountain boulevard. This unique Ratha Yatra is the only non-preaching Ratha Yatra in the western world. It is just for Their pleasure.

There is huge cost for all of this and of course it is shrada! If you struggle with paying it, we will cut of the price down, so you will be charged only 130 euro for 9 days that includes 72 hours of sleeping, about 20kg of delicious (partially organic) prasadam, access to all the wonderful seminars and cultural evening programs. Please book your place at

PS It is wise to bring your own sheets.

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