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We warmly invite you to the beautiful forest on the mountain Fruska Gora ( ). With a decade-long tradition and a service-oriented attitude, we are trying to give you an unforgettable devotional and friendly experience. To see some promotional photos and videos available.

This year Goranga Camp will be from 6th till 15th of July 2012. Guests include H.H. Sacinandana Maharaja, H.H. Jayapataka Maharaja H.H. Prahladananda Maharaja, H.H. Bir Krishna Maharaja, H.H. Kadamba Kanana Maharaja and H.H. Bhaktivaibhava Maharaja, as well as Krsna Ksetra prabhu. The whole camp will be in the mood of sweet Sri Vrindavana Dham. You can read more about it in the letter of Sacinandana Maharaja bellow.

Besides different seminars and classes, we will have a rich cultural program. That means: 12-hour kirtan, forest Ratha Yatra, nama yajna, initiations, theatre performances, forest walks… If you miss something during the day, everything will be shown at Frushka Goranga TV in the evening.

Sacinandana Maharaja writes: "Srila Prabhupada once said that Vrindavan is not a point on the map, but a state of consciousness. So it is actually possible to re-create the highly inspiring atmosphere of Vrindavan everywhere, as it has been done throughout the history of Vaishnavism. Srila Sanatana Gosvami and Srila Rupa Goswami, for example, had re-created Radhakund and Syamakund in Ramakeli, while they were still living in Bengal, and so did Bhaktisidhanta Saraswati Thakur in Sridham Mayapur, where you can find up to this day a replica of Govardhan Hill and other sacred places of Vrindavan.

"There is a quotation from Vrindavan Mahimamrita which tells us how any contact, such as hearing about Vrindavan or meditating about Vrindavan, will carry anyone to Vrindavan in the spiritual world. If one lives in the earthly Vrindavan, touches it, sees it, travels to it, meditates upon it, bows down to offer respects to it, sings or hears about its glorious qualities, carries its dust on his head, or has any relationship with it, then this purifying earthly Vrindavan will carry him to the supreme abode of Vrindavan in the spiritual world.

"The purpose of our summer camp is to create an atmosphere which is as close to the Vrindavan atmosphere as possible. When you enter the camp, you will leave the material world and go into the spiritual world. Many surprises — such as Aindra-style bhajans and kirtans, lila-katha about various enchanting pastimes of the Lord, cultural evening programs which will transport us into the rich culture of Brajbhakti, a traditional drama about sadhus whose hearts are overflooded with appreciation for Vrindavan, Yamuna Evening, 12-hour Vrindavan immersion kirtans — will give us that unique Vrindavan experience.

"Our sincere hope is to give all of you this experience, which will give pleasure to your hearts and will help you to remain in happy Krishna consciousness for a long time afterwards. Kindly tell your friends about this unique opportunity and give us the pleasure of your association."

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