Chakra Announcements's Sri Isopanisad eCourse

by Dhruva Maharaja dasa

Posted January 7, 2011

Sitting at our computers we have unlimited choices where to go; click and go to World News; click to find out the latest score at a sporting event, or even watch it live; click to shop online; click to watch a movie; click to enter the world of Social Networking to find out what friends and family are up to, click to, etc.

Gradually our computer begins to reflect our desires and interests, just like our subtle body. Look into a person's computer history, where they visit, what they write, who they communicate with; and you'll find what their interests are.

Just as we can fall into maya or use everything in Lord Krsna's service (the iron-in-fire example), similarly we can use our computer to change the consciousness of ourselves and others. This is the principle upon which eCourses at are designed.

Our most recent offer is a one month Sri Isopanisad eCourse; within that one month, however, one can actually transform and elevate his or her consciousness and that of others. For example, Mantra 7 states, "One who always sees all living entities as spiritual sparks, in quality one with the Lord, becomes a true knower of things. What, then, can be illusion or anxiety for him?"

Sounds straight forward, right? So why do we sometimes experience anxiety? Or fall into illusion?

The first sentence in Srila Prabhuapda's purport clarifies, "Except for the madhyama-adhikari and uttama-adhikari discussed above, no one can correctly see the spiritual position of a living being."

This takes the concept to a whole new level, worthy of discriminating discussion, and this is where modern educational software mixed with social networking software shine brilliantly.

One of the most common complaints about social networking is unwanted email; thousands of people wanting to be your friend, and everyone seems to have a cause for you to support.

When one participates in eCourses offered by one's Inbox become a veritable mine of transcendental gems; something one looks forward to reading. We've created Forum Discussion topics that keep everyone focused on topics in each section of verses being studied that week, so what happens is that participants gradually enter more deeply into Srila Prabhupada's purports, sharing and debating various topics and points via their computers through email set up via the eCourse. These discussions fluff out inner meanings within Srila Prabhupada's purports, and thus one relishes transcendental topics on a daily basis.

We'd like to invite everyone to take advantage of this opportunity from Jan. 17 thru Feb. 14, 2011; get into association with focus on studying Srila Prabhupada's books, change your consciousness and that of others by getting involved. It's only a click away. Where will you click to next? We suggest: past sins so that there will be no hindrance to my progress." (Sri Iso Mantra 18)

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