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The Summer Trip 2012 - Devotional Summer Tour for Boys

by Programs & Resources for ISKCON Youth of America (PRIYA)

Posted February 26, 2012

Now Accepting Applications!
Tour dates: July 16th – August 19th, 2012 (five weeks)
Deadline for early registration: March 15th, 2012

The Boys Summer Trip is a five week trip for boys ages 12 and up that visits ISKCON Temples and Ratha Yatras around the United States. The program focuses on helping boys develop a Krsna Conscious identity and vaisnava qualities, building friendships, and providing opportunities for devotional service. The trip also engages in adventure activities such as camping, recreational games, sports, and occasionally visiting theme parks.

The organizers are Krsna Priya das, Dattatreya das, Krsna Kishor das of the Mayapuris, and Sugosh das. All are accomplished devotees within our ISKCON Society. The organizers began traveling with Rtdhavaja Swami in 1998 at the age of 12. Having realized the impact of these trips on their lives and in honor of Maharaja, his students decided to continue organizing the tour since 2005 in order to share this valuable knowledge and experience with a new generation. For more information regarding costs, detailed schedule, and application requirements, please visit our website:

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