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Tucson’s ‘Feast for the Beast’

by Bhakta Geno

Posted November 12, 2011

Each fall the Zoological Society of Tucson hosts its major fund-raiser and invites one hundred of the best restaurants in the city to give out samples of their cuisine. The event supports the Zoo and the award-winning work they do with the animals.

Govinda's of Tucson was the only restaurant not serving animals as food,as a way of raising money for the animals. We decided to use this opportunity to inform and educate people on the Krishna Conscious philosophy along with the distribution of delicious samples of mango halavah, papadams and spicy sesame chutney.

People who came and enjoyed the Prasad, given out at the zoo event, were invited to attend a lecture at the upcoming Sunday Feast.

This lecture included a Power Point presentation of Gary Larson's unusual use of animals in his cartoons as a way of explaining to the audience that there is a soul in every living entity.

Humor was used to bring out some not so funny realities, and an explanation of the book entitled The Jungle was given along with the timeless wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita.

The Jungle published in 1906 by Upton Sinclair is where the modern term "Urban Jungle" comes from. In this book Sinclair, from personal experience gives an insider’s look at the mass slaughter of 8-10 million animals a year per slaughter house. Two inventions made this possible: 1) the use of refrigerated railcars for transferring animals and meat, and 2) the assembly line, an idea which is often credited to Henry Ford, but he got the idea from the disassembly lines at slaughter houses.

The book The Jungle led to the formation of The Food and Drug Administration and an increase in early vegetarianism. The lecture also pointed out that it is no random coincidence that seven years after the formation of these terrible slaughter houses came the start of World War I.

There are so many opportunities to reach people and change their hearts. They just need to hear with an open mind from convinced and willing devotees. It’s our duty, our obligation and our highest satisfaction.

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