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Bhaktivedanta Manor Looks to the Future

by Radha Mohan Das

Posted March 5, 2011

Bhaktivedanta Manor Review (.pdf)

Over the past year Bhaktivedanta Manor has conducted a Review of all of its activities by speaking to a breadth of devotees across its key community groups – the review, headed up independently has been a project that has unfolded into a wide ranging review of the practices at the temple and feelings of devotees who visit, work and serve around the temple.

The Review has taken close to 5000 hours of interviews, discussions and workshops and the attached PDF document is the culmination of that work. It also begins the process of putting in place changes as well as further building on the consultation process through istagoshtis. This is a bold step for Bhaktivedanta Manor, and the Review has brought up both uncomfortable and pleasing points allowing managers and those involved in the Manor to take this to the next step.

It is a belt and braces Review intended to allow those involved at Bhaktivedanta Manor to see their own service in context to others and more importantly to bring about meaningful and substantive change. This is an exciting time for the Manor with completion of the goshalla and now preparation for a future blueprint for the next 8-10 years in the form of outreach, devotee care, community development, leadership and development of the estate to meet the needs of all of its community groups.

Those who wish will have the opportunity to contribute to the review of Bhaktivedanta Manor and participate in this evolving process.

We will give a updates on the progress on this initiative.

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