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GBC Strategic Planning Meeting to be Held in Mayapur, February 20-24

by Kaisori dasi

Posted March 2, 2011

The GBC's Annual General Meeting in Mayapur will begin this year with several days devoted to strategic planning. Perhaps you read an overview of the November GBC strategic planning meeting in a report written by Madhava Smullen (see Click Here _mumbai_meetings).

Strategic planning has been on the minds of GBC members for some years now. What was clear then is even clearer today: there is unlimited work to be done to nurture ISKCON toward a future that serves Srila Prabhupada's vision for a vibrant, spiritually dynamic movement.

In the face of so much obvious need, the GBC is working on the most essential building blocks - among them:

o establishing Srila Prabhupada's preeminent position

o the education of ISKCON's children

o devotee care

o outreach

o succession planning

o a constitution for ISKCON

o setting up a system to maintain clear lines of organizational authority without inhibiting the natural spiritual dynamics between ISKCON gurus and their disciples

o reviewing ISKCON's organizational structure and implementing any needed changes

o understanding the ISKCON-affiliated projects devotees have formed and their relationship with ISKCON

o analyzing conflicts of interest and setting up a system to manage them

The strategic planning agenda was moved solidly forward in Mumbai and beyond by the dedicated work of GBC members and the forty devotees the GBC invited, each known for his or her global vision and strong service record. Likewise, there's strong optimism about the progress that can be made during these February meetings in Mayapur. Please watch for reports over the next couple of weeks.

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