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Nairobi Mayor Hosts Devotees

by Govinda Prema das, ISKCON Nairobi

Posted June 15, 2011

George Aladwa entered with raised hands, joyfully chanting Hare Krishna. For us, meeting the acting Nairobi mayor was a great realization; the upcoming Rathayatra Festival had given us an opportunity to meet him.

The meeting had been arranged by another city councillor. As we arrived at His Worship's chamber it seemed as if we were in a different world; the office was well decorated with flowers and a posh carpet. After we had waited for almost an hour, he stormed in the door with his hands high in the air and chanting Hare Krishna. He introduced himself and was very welcoming. Our temple president, Umapati prabhu, garlanded Mr. Aladwa and exchanged a few friendly words.

The acting mayor was very happy, having met the devotees after such a long time. He told us: "When I was young in the '80s I would always eat food from the Hare Krishna temple, and every Saturday I would wait eagerly to see the harinama party pass and enliven everybody in the town." He thanked us for all the activities we do, and he said: "Our government is ready to work with Hare Krishna people for anything they want, because they help everybody."

Lavanga prabhu and I gave him an invitation to come and have lunch, which he promptly accepted, saying: "I miss your food; definitely I will come." He concluded by accepting our invitation to be chief guest at the Rathayatra Festival on June 19.

Mr. Aladwa, elected as one of 98 city councillors, has been serving as acting mayor since the previous mayor, Geoffrey Majiwa, resigned in October of 2010. Mr. Aladwa is one of five declared candidates to officially succeed him in an upcoming by-election.

Our dandavats unto the pioneer devotees who worked tirelessly, planting the seeds of Krishna consciousness in Kenya and elsewhere.

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