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Facebook Warning

by Name Withheld

Posted January 22, 2011

Please check someone's wall before accepting their friend request on facebook even if you think you know the person in the picture.

There is someone on facebook right now who is impersonating quite a few devotees, using their photos, making fake profiles,but writing absolutely horrible, offensive, sexual, blasphemous things on their pages. This person is writing awful things about specific devotees, as well as bad mouthing ISKCON, GBC, and gurus in general. This person knows the names of many devotees in Los Angeles and other cities and is writing harmful words about them. They are trying to search for devotees on facebook to become friends with so please look before you accept any new requests.

I don't want to give the names of all the fake profiles here to protect those I know who are being impersonated, but there are at least five fake profiles that I know of and possibly more. Some that I will give the names of so that people can go and report them are Goldmember Swami and Butchqueen Guru. Perhaps if enough people report these sites, facebook will take them down. Please check all friend requests before accepting, and if you see something suspicious please report it to facebook. So far the reports to facebook have not led to any result, but if enough people report it maybe it will. If you have any leads as to who this person might be who is making all these fake profiles, please let someone in a position of authority know.

Thank you. Be safe, and use your internet wisely.

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