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Damodara Program

by Manjulali Manjari Sevini dd

Posted October 22, 2012

At the ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry, we promote several programs which assist in the development of congregations. The Damodara program is one of them.

During this Damodara month, if one manages to capture Krishna with the ropes of pure devotion, he will be released from the bondage of repeated birth and death. - Srila Prabhupada, October, 1972

As you may know, this year, Kartika starts at the end of October, which is later than usual, giving us more time to prepare for the Damodara program!

Countries such as Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, England and Mauritius are actively celebrating this wonderful program and encouraging thousands to offer lamps to Lord Damodara.

Be part of the Damodara program effort and obtain Damodara Kits!

The kit contains a Yashoda-Damodara calendar, a CD containing bhajans, a handout of the Damodara-lila, an invitation to the local temple’s Sunday Feast and dry prasadam.

For more information, view our electronic flyer of the Damodara program:

Please visit our website at and join us on Facebook at ISKCON Congregation.

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