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Shyamdas, 1953-2013

by Deva Premal and Miten

Posted Janurary 21, 2013

Dear friends - through our tears we have to tell you that our most beloved and dearest friend Shyamdas disappeared into Krishna today. He was in a road accident in his beloved Mother India.

We are in shock and immense sadness - and yet, we will celebrate for his union, at last, with Sri Krishna.

Just a few days ago he wrote these words to us:

"Hari lila unfolds in so many directions, we can only bow to the quarters and this is something that we all have to deal with, the pains and joys of wearing the outfits of life that change from moment to moment all according to the whim of Hari. Such a lila it is, full of abundance what else could I want in life."

We ask you all to please join us and sing Sri Nanda-Nandanastakam for Shyam, as he makes his journey through the Bardo.

We love you brother Shyamdasji ... always ... always ... always ...and ever more.



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