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Vegans in ISKCON

by Bhakta Matty

Posted Janurary 2, 2013

Why all this talk of becoming vegan in ISKCON? Didn't Srila Prabhupada say not to add anything to his formula? I feel very strongly that ISKCON needs to put more money into go-raksya. Buy more land where there are rural temples or land near temples and set up ethical dairies and goshalas in accordance with varnsasrama. In the UK we now have the Ahimsa milk production which is a good is a good start and eventually we could have these dairies and goshalas set up all over the country. After the Deities have been nicely served with the milk products and the ashram devotrees have had their not milk of an evening then in accordance with Srila Prabhupada`s wishes, if there is any produce left over then people can come and buy the milk, ghee, butter, cream, yoghurt etc and then we can teach them also about varnasrama and of course naturally common people will come to volunteer and help.

We seem to be lacking in devotees who want to get trained up and dedicate themselves to go-raksya. Bhaktivedanta manor for example is so successful because we have cows there as was Srila Prabhupada`s desire and that is the main reason for its success! Instead of concentrating so much on making life members we should also be aware of the impoirtance that Srila Prabhupada stressed about protecting the cows. We need more goshalas in the UK, and in ISKCON around the world and that is the bottom line, and they dont have to cost a lot of money either.

We now have Ahimsa milk in the UK which is a fledgling operation and I agree that although it is not perfect but at least it is a step in the right direction. Its going to take time to get it 100% spot on.

Does this mean that you shouldn't offer your peas and carrots because they are grown by karmis?

In the near future I am sure that one day soon some dedicated devotees will take up the service of hand milking and taking care of the Ahimsa cows in a nicer way.

Actually when the cows are retired there is talk of them going to a near by Jains temple in Potters bar which is not far from the manor so there is hope that our devotee cow nurses at the manor will drive there to check on them. As for the price of the milk that is another thing.

Devotees SHOULD buy Ahimsa milk regardless of the price.

1. They are helping to sustain the Ahimsa milk production which with their support will then help to buy more herds.

2. Yes milk is the greatest gift from the cow and we should learn to see it as such. So we should learn to take and use less if thats the case. I know some devotee families who are on benefit and they get their milk sponsered by other devotee families etc.

Theoretically many devotees are interested in go-raksya but…..I have not actually met that many devotees who are really that intersted in cow protection and agriculture when it comes down to the hard graft and work that farming work involves but they still want to eat their subji and drink their hot milk. I am not fault finding here but merely saying it as I see it in reality.

Get more bramhacaris and bramhacarinis trained up in goshala seva then at least when there are more goshalas in they will know what to do.

Hari-Nam Sankirtana is the yuga dharma as prescribed by Mahaprabhu. But I feel strongly about cow protection and would like to see more devotees getting involved in it otherwise ISKCON is going to become a vegan society, which with all due respect is bogus!

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