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Dhanurdhar Swami speaks at Russian Holiday Event in ISKCON Vrindavan

by Dwarkadisha das

Posted January 30, 2013

I want to draw your attention to a very regrettable event in our ISKCON Temple in Vrindavana Dhama. This event took place in the ‘Balarama Hall’ and was organised by the Russian Community of Vrindavana.

The questions I am asking are how come the ISKCON authorities allow such event to take place in the Vrindavana Temple? Is this the standard now set in the holy Dhama where all karmi pastimes for children will be celebrated in ISKCON Vrindavan? Maybe Easter Bunny will be celebrated in ISKCON Vrindavan? This program is Russian version of Santa Claus (Ded Moroz – Grandfather Frost or Father Frost) with his granddaughter (Snegurochka – snow maiden ) in blue dress which is celebrated on New Years Eve where he bring presents.

What has this got to do with Krishna in Vrindavan? What this has to do with Srila Prabhupada? Or ISKCON?

What has HH Danurdhara Maharaja to do with ISKCON that he is official guest speaker of this program? Has he not left ISKCON?

Please check up on this and stop this bogus celebration.

This is a link to the President of the ISKCON Vrindavan Russian Community HG Syama Sundar Charan das who organised this program. He had a Facebook album with many pictures of the celebration, but has since removed them.

Another question why is there a Russian community in Vrindavan Dhama anyway that has to have President and other elected members? Why do they not come under shelter of ISKCON Vrindavan Temple President?

Because neophytes in charge of this community then they bring down standard of devotional service in the holy dhama by doing this nonsense and bringing in Russian folk lore pastimes into holy dhama.

Being Russian myself and wanting to be good devotee I will not associate with this Russian Community each time I go to Vrindvana for mercy of Vaisnava when this standard is being done.

Please do the needful and fix this very bad problem from degrading Srila Prabhupadas movement in Shree Vrindavana Dhama.

[Chakra Editors' note: Pancagauda das, the Vrindavan TP, who was out of town when this program occurred, has let us know that this event will not be repeated and that his staff will be notified that Dhanurdhar Swami is not welcome to speak again at ISKCON Vrindavan]

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